Monique's Delicious Balls

Well, I'm not too prudish to openly admit that I love Balls. Now keep it clean Cherubs.....

Growing up in a foodie household (my mother is a Cooking Teacher and my dream was to grow up to be Alison Holst), I have a LOVE of food. However, I'm also domestically challenged.  It's taken me 3 months to work out how to poach eggs, so anything that's easy to make wins my vote.

I'm also a fan (having lost over half my body weight in excess fat, gaining part of it again, losing it again, gaining it, losing it....well you get the idea....) of trying to find healthy alternatives that serve my health, help me maintain a healthy weight and most importantly, TASTE GREAT! There's nothing worse than having to eat something that you KNOW is going to be good for you but tastes like the bottom of a rabbit hutch. 

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The Power Of Language 

Monique Bradley is a specialist in the power of language and communcation to enhance your life. In this video, Monique discusses how 'what we say about ourselves affects how we percieve ourselves and how the world sees us. 

Here's a transcript:

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Finding Happy VLOG - Top Tips To Boost Your Confidence

This video, presented by Monique Bradley discusses tips on how to boost your confidence, success and happiness! In this VLOG Monique - a professional speaker and personal empowerment coach - discusses the effects being confident can have in your life and success and shares her tips that you can use to boost your own personal empowerment.

Here's a transcript:

In my work as a presenter and empowerment coach, I often hear stories of those who are lacking in confidence, who feel unable to speak up for themselves, define their personal boundaries or even say no. I’ve even been that person myself as I struggled for years with confidence issues and low self esteem. So I thought today I would share my tips that I developed to help myself feel good and get out there again!

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Hi there! Hope you're having a great week. This weeks VLOG is all about getting creative...And there's a method to my madness!  Not only is there the opportunity for you to indulge in something you're really passionate about, making the mundane chores a little more tolerable, there's also the fact that doing what you love, builds your confidence and self esteem and can also positively affect your health!!! 

Check out the video and learn WHY creativity is so good for you and your happiness!

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Finding Happy - ASK ME ANYTHING WEEK!b2ap3_thumbnail_url.jpg

Hi there!  Monqiue Bradley here. I've been getting a lot of questions lately from people looking at different ways to change their lives and amp up their happiness levels, so I thought I would use this as the topic for this weeks VLOG. I'm interviewed in studio by Co-creator of GET A LIFE and Chief Techomaniac Pete Ward who asks the questions YOU have submitted!

This week we cover: Weightloss and dietary changes, dealing with people you don't gel with, self sabotaging or self limiting beliefs, personality styles, dealing with conflict, values, fear and SO MUCH MORE!!


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Success Story - The Power Of Conscious Choice - Avalons Story

AvalonThis is Avalon: an amazing singer, conservationist, house vice captain, great friend and kind hearted soul.

I first met Avalon in Browns Bay on Aucklands North Shore when I was singing on stage during their local market day. Singing is one of my passions - something I started at the age of 4 years old, began professional training at the age of 11 and have used as one of my JOY TRIGGERS. It's helped my confidence and self esteem and I always get a beautiful buzz when I perform a song that people love!

As I looked out into the crowd, I saw a beautiful young lady smiling - and I nearly had an out of body experience! I could have sworn it was me as a child looking up at ME on stage. I got chatting with Avalon and mum Tracie (also a talented singer) and they asked about singing lessons. At the time, I said no, however this sweet wee girl stuck in my mind and some weeks later, I was back in Browns Bay singing again. This time I decided to take her on board and see if we could develop her voice and confidence as a singer.

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Success Story - The power of personal empowerment sessions!

Hi there! Monique Bradley here and I'm delighted to be sharing with you a fantastic success story.

This is the story of someone I've done a little bit of coaching with - his name is Jimin Hwang.

I met him at a local business association meeting in our local area. On chatting with him, I learnt that he was shy but had a desire to connect with people. Some weeks later, he published a post about his life growing up and was honest about the fact that he was born with physical developmental problems, which led to social alienation and bullying. As a teen, he felt like an outsider, ran away from home and basically did not want to live. 

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Hi there!  Monique Bradley here with this weeks VLOG topic: Patience.

Patience is incredibly valuable for our health and wellbeing, our happiness AND can lead to great opportunities!  Our level of patience can really present a positive image of ourselves to prospective partners, colleagues and employers.  Check out the video to find my top tips on becoming more patient!!

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Monique Bradley to speak at THRIVE

Hi there!  Monique Bradley here and I'm really excited to announce that I will be speaking at THRIVE - Womens Wellness Workshop on the 23rd of July 2014. 

Here is the info:
Do you want easy ways to be healthier, have more energy, start your new fitness routine, be happier and more balanced? Then Thrive! is definitly for you. 

Join Monique Bradley, Kathryn Leach, Fi Jamieson- Folland and Nicola Pope as they bring together over 60 years of combined experience in the health and happiness industries. From nutrition, to exercise, to finding your joy and brain health - you got it all! ...not to mention a delicious smoothie to try and a fabulous goodie bag to take home.

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Hi there! Hope you're having an amazing week!  It's Monique Bradley here and I am delighted to share this weeks VLOG topic with you. It's about OPPORTUNITY! At every stage of our lives, we have an opportunity to make different choices creating different outcomes. However, if we have old stories or old self limiting beliefs sabotaging our success, well - that's exactly what they'll do! Inhibit us from living the life we really want. This weeks VLOG discusses releasing the past to make way for new and exciting opportunities!

Here is a rundown of the video:

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Finding Happy - Listening To Your Inner Guidance

Hi there! Monique Bradley here with my latest VLOG all about listening to your inner guidance.

With the 'everydayness' of life bombarding us with stress and pressures, we often lose the connection to our inner guidance system that can helps guide us significantly on our journey. Whether we strike a friendship with that person we instantly had a bad hunch about, which turns into a nightmare or we take on a job that didn't quite fit right at the interview that turns into more stress than it's worth - well, we've all been there!

Connecting back to our intuitive response can be a big step in the right direction to taking a big step in the right direction! Instead of look for aproval externally, consider getting aproval INTERNALLY and see what happens!

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943619 10151652283289595 897981555 nLife Satisfaction - where are you at?

Hi there!  Welcome to the first part of your amazing journey!

I'm Monique and welcome to GET A LIFE. 

Thanks for joining our community and I would like to personally let you know that right now - I've got your back. Most people find our site as they suddenly become aware that

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Finding Happy Affirmation Cards are NOW available!

As an accompaniment to the GET A LIFE 'write your new story' process, Monique has been in production creating a range of powerful affirmation cards that are heavily loaded with the correct language choices to help activate and support change in your life.


Affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that can condition the subconscious mind to help you develop a more positive perception of yourself. Affirmations can help you to change harmful behaviors or accomplish goals, and they can also help undo the damage caused by negative scripts, those things which we repeatedly tell ourselves (or which others repeatedly tell us) that contribute to a negative self-perception.

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Finding Happy - Love And Happiness

Hi there! Monique here, with this weeks Finding Happy VLOG - Love And Happiness!

Did you know that following the love, joy or passion in just one area of your life can significantly overflow into every other area of your life?

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • What spins your wheels?
  • What makes you smile when you wake up and keeps you smiling through out the day?

If your answer to each of these questions is 'um.......' then chances are you're not following your passion and living the fullest, most amazing and vibrant life you can!!!

Want to make things happen and live the life you dreamed? Well, let me tell you this: the life you are living right now is the life you dreamed of yesterday. So, dream big, do the things that make you happy and watch the LOVE and JOY flow through your life and dramatically elevate your happiness....Oh - and here's what one of my clients has discovered since working on these ideas:

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Finding Happy - Letting Go Of Grief

Hi there! Monique Bradley here with this weeks VLOG: Letting Go Of Grief.

This weeks topic is: 'Release. Have a good cry. Grief is a doorway to your deepest self.'

Many of the people I work alongside, coach or train are held back by an old self belief or some form of grief at the loss of a loved one, a decision that resulted in less than favourable consequences or a lost opportunity. I know from my own experience of losing my father when I was 18 that grief affects us in a variety of different ways. For me at the time my coping mechanism was comedy. I didn't know how to process people's messages of sympathy so would often reply with a comedic response to lighten their own depth of despair or to lighten mine.

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This weeks 'Finding Happy' vlog is all about tenderness and BEING KIND TO YOURSELF!

Why is it we seem to let others off the hook or have lower expectations of people around us?

Why is it we use kinder words on others than we often do to ourselves?

This video discusses that very topic and looks at WHY we should be kinder on ourselves, the effects of self kindness and a few quick tips to help you do so.

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Get A Life Awesome Soap - wash away average and bathe yourself in AWESOME!

A new addition to the GET A LIFE family is a fun product designed to remind bathers of how awesome they are. This energising berry smelling soap contains hints of Pohutukawa and Flax and is perfect for washing away mediocrity and average and replacing it with the pure power of AWESOME.

If you're looking for a fun gift for a friend, this is it. Guaranteed to make you 50% more awesome. Or at least smell nicer. Buy some today! It's swank!


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Monique Bradley shares insights into goal setting and it's effects on happiness.

If you're looking for ways to gain more happiness in your life, have you considered setting yourself some goals? Sometimes something as simple as setting a day to day, short term or long term goal can help with your focus, determination and increase the excitement and passion in your life, having a spill over effect into your work, your private life and everthing else!

In this video, Monique Bradley, creator of upcoming online series 'FINDING HAPPY' will discuss the value of goal setting and it's effects on happiness.

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Monique Bradley To Speak At THRIVE

Monique Bradley, author of the upcoming interactive 8 part life changing series 'FINDING HAPPY' will be speaking at THRIVE, a womens wellness workshop on Aucklands North Shore.

The event to be held on Wednesday the 7th of May 2014, is being hosted by 4 diverse and talented speakers all with expertise in different areas of health and wellness. Hosted by Chiropractic specialist Dr Nicola Pope, the event also features fitness expert Kathryn Leach and lifestyle consultant Fiona Jamieson-Folland. 

Monique's key areas of discussion will be:

  • Beliefs, values and their effects on our lives
  • Inner storytelling and positive programming
  • Conscious choice making
  • Understanding your value
  • The effects of joy on your life, business and success

To find out more or to purchase tickets, visit this link:

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Finding Happy Bonus Free PDF Download

Hi! I’m Monique Bradley and I’m the self appointed ‘Mayor of Awesome Town’. When asked to describe at a meeting exactly what I do, I replied ‘I do what I love and I love what I do!’  However, I wasn’t always this happy.

I’ve learnt through my own roller coaster life experience and many years of study into the fields of health, wellness, success, holistic therapies and personal development that happiness is a choice.  In this PDF I’m excited to be sharing with you a few of my insights into how health and happiness are linked together and hopefully give you some food for thought.

Get started on your own journey of joy and see the powerful benefits that simply being happier can provide.

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